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We have always put health in the forefront of our business. After all, we are committed to being the best version of ourselves through the power of the ocean. However, our wellness journey starts from within. In our world we are bombarded with toxins and pollutants that leave us exposed each and everyday. In order to lead a healthy lifestyle we have curated our favorite products and routines to combat these harmful entities. Introducing Ebb Tide Wellness. 

What to expect from ET Wellness

Stay up to date with us by visiting this page to have your weekly dose of mindfulness, wellness, and overall well-being. We will be updating this page weekly. Be on the lookout for new videos, wellness activation products, and healthy habits that reignite your life.

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Maps to Nowhere Episode 1 

A reflection of  old surf films.

We don't usually post surf videos on here but this one left us no choice. Remember years ago when surf films always seemed so raw and exclusive?  We sure do. We remember watching surfers go on trips that you never really heard about until the video was released, places that you never seen and a group of guys just trying to score empty, perfect waves. They never really talked about it or hyped it up, the guys just went. The film consists of the hunt to find rare waves, most of them only breaking when the stars align just right. We are stoked Matt Rode brought this refreshing feel back to surf films. Rode created this docu-series of a surf film with a group of trusted guys simply going out finding that perfect empty wave we all dream of in a remote location. From the camera angles, the waves and the mission behind this film were giving it our 5 stars. We highly recommend kicking back and watching this first episode of "Maps to Nowhere."

Surfers:  Repping from our home turf right here on the East Coast - Brett Barley of OBX


- Ian Crane -Winter Vincent

Pick the right Supplements

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